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Realistic milk cartons evoke memories of the iconic images from the actual milk cartons in the U.S. in the 1980s, that featured missing children. Today, we reproduced milk cartons to feature the faces of kidnapped civilians from Israel on October 7th.


The Milk Carton Project was launched during Art Basel Miami and featured 10ft tall milk cartons exhibited across Miami and Miami Beach. This sparked massive awareness nationwide when NBC’s Lester Holt amplified the message. This continues to be a powerful  method bringing attention to those abducted on October 7th during the brutal attack on Israel - including slaughtering families, systematic rape, and countless horrors.


We currently offer three sizes:

Extra Small - DIY printable template



Print it out at home and assemble it in less than 10 minutes using scissors and glue.


Small – 18 inches



 Perfect to place on desks at home/office or to take on the go.


Medium – 5 feet



 Great for indoor and covered outdoor spaces like institution and building lobbies. Easy to transport to events.


Large – 10 feet


 These are to be placed in high impact places, ideally outdoors or indoors with minimum 12” H clearance and its aim is to make people stop, reflect and interact with the piece.

Don’t want to produce it? Get involved in other ways:

  • Find spaces to place milk cartons in

  • Find people, leaders, influencers or celebrities to share on their platforms

  • Share it yourself on social media (tag @kidnappedfromisrael and @lovingmomsunited)

  • Contact us at or on Instagram @lovingmomsunited

About Loving Moms

Loving Moms is a community group of concerned mothers, established on October 7, 2023 in response to the attack on Israel. Our goal is to bring light into the world during this time of darkness, by delivering a message of hope and love. Our main objective is to create awareness about the hostages taken from Israel into Gaza. We have supported various projects to amplify this unfortunate situation - Empty Shabbat Table Gatherings, Stroller Walks, March on Washington DC (charter flight), Hosting 10/7 Survivors, Supporting Charities, and the #milkcartonproject. We won’t stop until all the hostages are reunited with their families in Israel.

Follow us on social media and stay updated on the latest releases @LovingMomsUnited

About the #milkcartonproject

The Milk Carton Project is a collaboration between #kidnappedfromisrael and #LovingMoms. The Loving Moms is a group of South Florida women that helped bring the #milkcartonproject to life.


Help and be a part of this impactful project. Our aim is to continue to spread nationally and internationally - this is facilitated by local production and alliances.


Connect Today if you are interested in the following:

  • ​Producing milk cartons in your State of Country (CTA)

  • Scouting Locations for Placement

  • Help Spreading the Word - media, social, and more




  • Take a photo or video with a carton

  • Tag or set as collaborator: @kidnappedfromisrael and @lovingmomsunited

  • Make some noise

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